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Benedict Burns

I first came to California Coastal Real Estate to lease a property. After several years, due to their quality of service, I came back to see if they could represent me to buy my first home. Stephan had grown his business into where he was now managing a larger company with many realtors, therefore his time was limited, but he recommended a very good agent, and he would still oversee the transaction to make sure my needs were met. This agent was more than capable of servicing my needs on his own, due to the rigorous training that Stephan expects from all his associates, and therefore, I would recommend most anyone that is affiliated with California Coastal Real Estate.

They are a top notch outfit that puts their clients first. I have found everyone at California Coastal to be professional and courteous, the whole staff down to their janitor. They must be doing something right, and I would recommend them for any of your real estate needs. Next year, my wife and I, due to our family growth, plan to upgrade to a larger home, and we will definitely be back to use them again!

Patrick McGurk - Business Developement - Geo Green Biofuels Inc.

I have know Stephan Klein for the past 12 years. Through this time I have come to rely on Stephan's judgment and wisdom both professionally and personally. When I think of Stephan, I think of a compassionate and trustworthy friend, a leader in his field professionally and someone I look up to. We have shared common values throughout our friendship and we continue to grow together as individuals and businessmen. As a community leader his commitment to serving the Boys and Girls Club of Venice, Inside-Out Community Arts, The Abbot Kinney Festival Youth and Children's Court, Mar Vista Elementary Schools and The Braille Youth Center has been inspirational.

There are very few people in this world that have shown me why listening is so important. Stephan has the ability to make you feel you have been listened to not just heard. His dedication to his family and community has shown me that one person van make a difference in our lives. He is my quiet giant. I hope after meeting Stephan you can see for yourself just how big a heart this man has.

Dante Tantiado

Thank you so much for the help. My client signed the counter and didn't change the "as is" verbiage. We will be going into escrow today.

Kim Sharp - Treasurer, Abbot Kinney District Association

This letter is being written to detail the incredible community involvement and achievements Stephan has contributed to the Venice area as well as to attest to his character as an individual and a father. In 2001 Stephan Klein was Elected as a Director to the Abbot Kinney District Association, a non profit organization serving the youth and neighborhood of Venice, by the business owners and residents of Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice, California. In Stephan's second year of service to the association, he was elected to the coveted and demanding position of President by the Board of Directors and served his role for two years. During his term as President, Stephan's goal for enhanced beautification of the Venice community came to fruition through his collaborations of various youth and neighborhood organizations with Councilman Bill Rosendahl's office, transforming his vision in to a reality. Stephan's personal donation of time and commitment was a catalyst to the success achieved by multi-organization cooperation resulting in the betterment of the neighborhood. The beautification project served as a beacon to the Oakwood and Abbot Kinney neighborhoods as to the power of cooperation in both spirit and action. As an advocate for youth and families, Stephan also took on the responsibility of Co-Chairing the Youth and Family Court for the Annual Abbot Kinney Festival held on Abbot Kinney Boulevard and sponsored by the Abbot Kinney District Association. Stephan developed a partnership with Inside Out Community Arts to transform the children's area of the festival into a highly visited and fiscally successful endeavor. The partnership Stephan created with his incredible youth organization remains in place today and serves as a legacy to the power of partnership Stephan instilled during his term of President. It is because of Stephan's passion to assist the neighborhood youth along with his fiscal insight, that under his reign, the Abbot Kinney District Association was able to create enough profit, allowing us to donate $25,0000 to the Westminster Elementary School to build a new playground for their students. Due to the time commitment needed for coordinating and producing the festival, many of us came to know each other's families very well.

Stephan has an amazing family and has always impressed upon everyone who is around him the importance of family which is visible through his own commitment to his wife and two sons. Stephan and his wife Sandrine own the Goddess Studio, a jewelry boutique located on Abbot Kinney Boulevard, and the amount and quality of time he spends with Sandrine and his sons, Quinten, ten years old, and Liam, two years old, is apparent to all who know him in the neighborhood. When I first became aware that Stephan had chosen to raise Quinten, his son from a previous marriage, I was not surprised in the least; in fact I would have expected nothing less from Stephan. Because when you see father and son together, there is a bond, a friendship, camaraderie that unfortunately are absent in too many of today's father and sons, but is clearly present in the Klein family. Quinten and Liam will always know they are their father's biggest priority and his biggest love's not simply because he says they are but because he shows that they are, through family camping trips, through surfing together, through simply spending quality time together that tells every child you are why I work so hard, you are why I try so hard and you are why I strive to be a better person everyday. Stephan and Sandrine have created a home with their sons, that provide emotional and physical stability but most importantly is filled with love. Stephan Klein has achieved success as a business owner, a philanthropist, an entrepreneur and as a friend, but I truly believe his success as a husband and father are by far his proudest and most cherished accomplishments to date. I find myself very fortunate to have worked alongside him as a director for Abbot Kinney District Association but I am much more honored to consider myself a friend to him and now his family.

Stephen Spielberg

It is with great respect and admiration that I extend my warmest wishes to you. I want to thank you for your tremendous commitment to the work of Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation. The Shoah Foundation would not have been able to record the 50,000 testimonies to date without you.

Your efforts to help document the past will have a profound impact on the future, bringing the lessons of the Holocaust and the message of tolerance to generations to come. Once again, I thank you. Our work ensures the promise of a better tomorrow.

Kathleen von Schlegell

Thank you so much for all of your hard work in helping Fritz and I find our home. As a token of appreciation please accept the enclosed gift certificate to Sushi Roku.

You deserve it! Enjoy. It was a pleasure working with you, and we will of course keep you in mind for our future real estate needs.

Mitchell L. Fenton - Law Offices of Tuverson & Hillyard

I had the unfortunate experience of running out of gas recently near the corner of Wilshire Boulevard and San Vicente. With the livelihood of walking to and from a nearby gas station with a gas can, I was looking at a one hour delay plus the prospect of the lingering odor of gasoline on my hands and clothes throughout the day. It was the beginning of a bad day. Around the corner comes a van driven by Stephan Klein of your office. He stopped his vehicle and asked if I could use his assistance. He turned out to be a "white knight" on what looked to be a black Monday. He parked his vehicle and assisted me in pushing my car across San Vicente. Luckily the momentum was enough to carry my car all the way to a gas station near Wilshire and Barrington.

In all, Mr. Klein spend only about ten minutes helping me, but it saved me a great deal of time and headaches. He followed me into the Mobil gas station and politely provided his card to me. I was pleased to see that he was associated with your organization. Unfortunately I cannot utilize his services at the present time, or any time in the near future, since my wife and I have purchased a home in Beverlywood only two months ago. Nevertheless, I think it is important that you know that your organization employs a "mensch". As a partner in my law firm, I am proud not only of the accomplishments of our employees on the job, but also their exploits when they leave our office building. Assuming that you share this sentiment, I thought you would like to know about the kind of individual that you are employing.