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RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE in Los Angeles and surrounding areas

At California Coastal, we take pride on being a full-service brokerage for buying and selling homes, businesses, retail, apartment buildings and commercial listings. After 20 years of being in business, our real estate associates are well versed in what it takes to successfully complete a residential or commercial sale.

We offer comprehensive real estate services from our Los Angeles offices and extend our help to those in Santa Monica and Venice. We can help you manage, sell or rent your property.

We rely on our deep local and statewide knowledge to deliver excellence to each of our clients. Our agents will personally sell and lease condos, single family homes, multifamily units, mixed use and commercial properties.

The difference between commercial and residential is based upon the property-type. Both are within the same field of real estate, but the similarities come short after that. Commercial real estate is business- focused. It needs a property to be sold, leased or used for business.

It is used as a form of investment with a business goal and an expected return on funds invested. Residential real estate involves the sole needs and wants of a homeowner and her/his family. It is bought, sold or leased for individual use, to house families.