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PROPERTY MANAGEMENT AND MAINTENANCE in Los Angeles and surrounding areas

Do you need property management and maintenance services for your Los Angeles or Orange County place? Our agents at California Coastal are experts in this area and are standing by to help business owners in Venice, Santa Monica and throughout Los Angeles. Our professional real estate associates have vast experience in property management for multiple properties, from single family residences to large commercial buildings. From condos to commercial apartment buildings, we are experts in giving quality maintenance and management. We can offer an in-house maintenance team with access to legal aid for evictions and tenant issues.

Our services extend to subsidized housing. This means we can help with those who fall under this government sponsored economic aid program. Our team offers full exposure to the rental market and housing community. We can reach 90% of the tenant rental market by marketing your property to the largest rental platforms online. We heavily screen your prospective tenants by doing thorough phone verifications, credit checks and background screenings. When you rely on us for property maintenance and management, we guarantee to fill your vacancies faster than you imagined!

Numerous clients have relied on our services in order to provide their tenants with quality care, maintenance and a well-maintained building.

To us, property maintenance means more than just making a place appear great. We make sure to get involved on a more personal and physical level. We believe quality in building management stems from areas such as repairs, cleanliness and vendor management.

We know that a well-maintained property produces higher returns for owners. Our company has the ability to identify and solve any building or maintenance issues quickly and efficiently.

We also enforce all codes, provisions, REAP and subsidized housing according to each city. Inspections are also conducted as part of an overall and ongoing property maintenance strategy.

What is REAP?

California Coastal Real Estate believes and enforces REAP. The Rent Escrow Account Program focuses on resolving the most persistent health and safety issues present in rental properties in the city. REAP helps lessen blight, protect tenants from substandard housing and helps the value of affordable housing stock. With REAP, owners are encouraged to make repairs to create and support a safe and habitable property.